Mission Statement

We at GLabels will continue to provide our customers with the highest degree of service, quality products and responsible innovation.

To achieve these goals, we are committed to maintaining a high standard of quality, ethical business practices and continuous human resources development.

As a company, we are committed to serving our community, meeting our customer and regulatory requirements, protecting our environment and becoming a leader in local industry.

Quality Policy

GLabels is committed to providing quality products and on-time delivery to our customers while continually improving the processes used to achieve customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

GLabels strives for the highest quality standards, business ethics and continual improvement processes. We recognize the importance of creating an environmental responsible operation as an integral part of our business.

Our Environmental Policy is to be a responsible corporate citizen that will conduct its activities with proper regard and attention to the conservation of the environment. We are committed to complying with our environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed applicable legal, customer, and other requirements, to strive for continual improvement in our environmental management system, and to prevent the environmental pollution.

We will manage and monitor our processes, materials, and our people in order to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our work.

GLabels will implement and operate the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to further enhance environmental performance. Environmental objects and targets will be established and documented according to the ISO 14001 standard.